Ninja Parc Parkour

Parkour at Ninja Parc

First timers: 

New to Parkour want to learn the basics?

Our classes are designed to introduce you to parkour and help start your training!

In this class we will cover an introduction to parkour, its history, core movements, progression/safety and basic stretching and conditioning.


Ready to expand your parkour skills?

In this class we will progress core movements, teach new techniques and provide assistance with technique.


  • Arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of the class start time for registration
  • All students must attend a “First-timers” class before attending the basics class
  • For Students under 18 years a parent or guardian must attend to sign the liability waiver
  • These classes are suitable for ages 6+
  • Please bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable training clothes

Cost per session:

• $18 – First timers

• $20 – Basics


Book in to your session below to avoid missing out on the day.