Ninja Parc School Program

School Program

The Ninja Parc is an indoor obstacle course.

The obstacles are a fun and challenging way to develop and improve a whole range of skills and abilities including strength, balance and coordination.

The course also requires participants to solve problems. Every body is different and the obstacles require the participant to adapt to the environment through trial and error.

At the Ninja Parc we don’t believe in failing, you either win or learn. If the way the participant trials the obstacle doesn’t work they receive instant feedback and get to adjust their approach.

The Parc embraces a PLAY TO LEARN philosophy.

Our trainers facilitate an environment that encourages exploration of movement and creativity. Safety and participation dictates these parameters of the environment.

19 obstacles. Multiple sections. Courses adjusted to suit groups needs.

Primary School Program: 8-12 year

Fees (include a trainer):

10+ participants. $10

High School Program: 12-16 Year old

Fees (include a trainer):

10+ participants. $10

Downloadable School Program fact sheet for your school
If you have any questions about getting your school involved, please call Alex on 4926 4488 or email