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Pinemelon Ice Blocks

Pinemelon Ice Blocks Recipe

Kids absolutely love icy poles but as a parent, the sugar overload can turn into an absolute refined sugar-high nightmare! Treat your little ones (and yourself) to these all-natural ice blocks made using only real fruit.  This recipe has been designed by Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation team and can be found on our at-home health and wellbeing platform

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Six Tips To Restore Calm And Balance In Your Life

Do you ever feel a little overwhelmed with life sometimes? Right now, it may be that we are in a time of uncertainty, our daily routines are muddled, and we often find ourselves not knowing what to do next.  We get it!   We have put together – 6 steps to restore calm and balance in your everyday life.   Mindfulness: Incorporate

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Cacao Fudge Bites Recipe

We’re treating you to just one of the hundreds of recipes you can access on our online training platform Home Fitness Network. Using just three ingredients, this super quick & delicious recipe has been created by the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation team.⁣ Ingredients 1 Cup Walnuts (127g) 1 1/4 Cups Fresh Dates (235g) 1/2 Cups Cacao Powder (45g) Method Put

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Chicken Rice Bowl Recipe

Staying on top of nutrition doesn’t need to be hard, nor does it need to take a lot of time. Here’s a quick, easy and nutritious Chicken Rice Bowl recipe that we’ve pulled for you from our online training platform Home Fitness Network. If you’re not a member yet, check it out! This recipe takes just 15 minutes to prepare

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How to combat excessive snacking

How to combat excessive snacking when working from home

Working from home is the now norm for many of us. Sure, it’s a short commute and our work attire is a lot more paired back – all pros, but then there’s also no water cooler conversations or hallway catchups with co-workers to get us through the day. There’s just us and the snacks in the kitchen. If you feel

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Five ways to stay motivated when working out at-home

No matter if you’re someone who loves exercising daily, or someone who works out once a week, our routines are all a little distorted right now. When our routines change, so too can our motivation. To help keep your motivation in check, particularly when working out at home, try: Music: Listening to music is a great, not to mention fast

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