Gym & Fitness Business For Sale In Australia

Ninja Parc is a place to play! As one of Australia’s largest Gym business for sale, it attracts hundreds of thousands of individuals and families.

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Along with the many users who regularly enjoy Ninja Parc through casual play passes, Ninja Parc also boasts experiences, like birthday parties and school programs. There’s also a crowd of members who participate in weekly classes. Combined, this equates to an ongoing, consistent source of revenue.

Ninja Parc – More Than A Gym Business For Sale

If you are considering moving into the fitness industry, you might be looking for a gym business for sale. In today’s oversaturated fitness market, it can be difficult to find a unique offering that can cut through the noise and help people to achieve their goals – and that is why Ninja Parc might be a good fit for you.

More than just a fitness business for sale, a Ninja Parc franchise offers your community the opportunity to combine fun and fitness in a way that emulates Ninja Warrior on TV, in an indoor obstacle course that is inclusive to all.

Ninja Parc has it all – classes, casual use, parties and corporate events, as well as membership options – so if you are looking for a gym for sale in Australia that has multiple income streams, Ninja Parc is perfect. Suitable for families, teens and adults, every user can inject some playtime into their fitness, and make it as challenging as they like. With classes for kids as well as training for adults that want to compete, supported fully by the experts at Ninja Parc HQ, your Ninja Parc franchise is the perfect gym franchise for sale in Australia. Read More

Ninja Parc Fitness Business For Sale: Is It Really For Everyone?

We passionately believe that quality time for families together having fun and taking on a challenge is a great way for bonding to combine with fitness. Here at Ninja Parc, we have put all that together in an experience that is exciting for everyone, from our Mini Ninjas to our Ninja Warriors. Who doesn’t want to have a go on an indoor play centre franchise and see if they have what it takes to be a Ninja Warrior?

Our Casual Play option allows everyone to have a go at the indoor obstacle course in the way they want to take it on. This means that kids and adults alike can take on the course forwards or backwards, miss out certain obstacles or take their time to conquer one in particular. This is where true family bonding comes in as we actively encourage grownups to get involved – children under 8 must have a parent or guardian on the course with them, so why shouldn’t they play too?

For the kids, we have two age-defined classes – Mini Ninjas for age 3-6, and Little Ninjas for age 7-12. During these classes, a specially trained staff member allows the children to discover how they can best tackle an obstacle safely, learning techniques, improving strength, fitness and coordination. Children can host a birthday party at Ninja Parc too – not every fitness business for sale can offer this to their community!

For adults, Casual Play passes are available. If personal training and fitness is the main aim, membership options allow teens and adults unlimited access to the course (when staffed), one-on-one training, fitness classes aimed at improving strength, cardio, flexibility and technique as well as regular fitness testing.

Discover Gym Franchise Opportunities For Sale in Australia With Ninja Parc

More than just a gym business for sale in Australia, a Ninja Parc franchise is supported by the Belgravia Group, who operate more than 165 fitness businesses in Australia and New Zealand. With all the payroll, accounts and marketing taken care of, as a franchisee, you are free to run your business with as much support as you need.

Safety and training are paramount for all our franchisees and their staff, which is why every obstacle is designed to meet Australian safety standards with soft fall padding throughout.

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Popular Locations for Gym Franchises Across Australia

  • Kids and adult casual play passes
  • Kids experiences, including parties, holiday programs and school-based programs
  • Ongoing kids and adult group training memberships
  • Cafe revenue
  • Merchandise revenue


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