Ninja Parc Championship

Live your ninja competition dreams!

The Ninja Parc Championship is an obstacle-based competition with local and national events.

Compete to become the next Ninja Parc Champion or simply join in for the fun of it!

Local Championship Events

Local competitions run three times a year at all Ninja Parc locations. Each local event gives competitors the chance to qualify for a national competition, held at the end of the year.

Anyone can compete in the local events. All ability levels are welcome!

Divisions & Entry Fees

Kids 7 – 10 years: $25*

Teens 11 – 15 years: $25*

Open 16 years & above: $35*

*Ninja Parc members get free entry, with bookings available through the Ninja Parc app.

National Championship Event

A National Championship is held once a year, at the end of the year, at a single Ninja Parc location within Australia. The event location will be announced ahead of time.

All Ninja Parc Championship competitors that have qualified through the Local Championship events will need to travel to this location to compete at the National Championship.

One competitor from each division will be crowned the National Ninja Parc Champion and will share in the championship prize pool. Prize to be announced before the event.

Qualifying for the National Championship

To qualify for the National Championship competition, you must accumulate 10 or more points in the local events, in the same calendar year.

Points System

1st – 3rd = 10 points

4th – 9th = 8 points

10th – 14th = 6 points

15th – 19th = 4 points

20th and above = 2 points


Competitors receive a point for every obstacle they successfully complete. More advanced obstacles may be worth extra points. In the event of a tie, the person with the fastest time wins.

For more information on upcoming Ninja Parc Championship events, or to register your place, select your location below.

Competition Results