Find your 30

Training Bag Checklist

We know there are a million things that can happen throughout our day, so it’s important to control the controllable. Having your training bag packed and ready to go is one of the things you can control. Start by packing your training bag the night before. Key items to pack:– Shoes – Workout clothes – Sweat towel– Headphones– Pre and …

Find your 30

Beginner’s Bodyweight Circuit

Try this beginner bodyweight circuit: ⚫ 10 x push ups (To regress, drop to your knees or do your push ups against a wall) ⚫ 10 x bodyweight squats (Add a jump to progress, but make sure to still focus on depth) ⚫ 10 x inverted rows (This can be done using a suspension trainer, gymnastics rings or a bar …

How to beat the Warped Wall

Our Ninja Coach, Sam shares his top tips to beat this famous obstacle. Just about everyone that steps foot into Ninja Parc wants to beat the wall. Why? Because it’s more than just a physical challenge. Reaching the top gives us a rush of pride and achievement, no matter your age or ability.

Find your 30

Find your 30 announcement

This March we’re partnering with SportAUS to help all Aussies get moving for 30 minutes a day. 30 minutes minimum each day is all it takes to make a significant improvement to your physical and mental health, and we’re excited to help as many people as we possibly can find their 30 by sharing FREE workouts and exercise tips – …