Ninja parc athletic group personal training

Ninja Parc Athletic is a high-energy group personal training program designed exclusively for teens and adults.

It combines strength, cardio, flexibility and skills-based classes to transform your fitness.

With Ninja Parc Athletic you won’t just get fitter, faster and stronger. You’ll improve your technique, learn to crush obstacles, and have fun while doing it.

What you can expect

With regular Ninja Parc Athletic classes, you can expect to:

  • Overhaul your cardiovascular fitness
  • Build strength and muscle tone
  • Expand your flexibility and range of motion
  • Learn new skills, like overcoming obstacles and parkour
  • Boost your confidence

What's included

Ninja Parc Athletic is a membership-based program. Along with access to unlimited group personal training classes – including Parkour – you get:

  • Unlimited obstacle course access during staffed hours
  • Regular fitness and skills testing
  • Ongoing coach support and goal setting advice

Ninja Parc Athletic Classes

Ninja Parc Athletic includes a range of strength, cardio, flexibility and skills-based group personal training classes:


Strong is a 60-minute resistance-based workout. In this class you’ll use your body weight to complete varying exercises that are designed to boost your overall strength and power.


Burn - formerly known as Fit - is a 45-minute high intensity, circuit-based workout. In this class you’ll combine cardio with functional exercises to overhaul your cardiovascular fitness and speed.


Warrior is a 45-minute obstacle-based workout. In this class you’ll learn to move through the Ninja Parc obstacle course while developing your agility, strength and speed.


Wild is a 45-minute floor-based workout. In this class you’ll increase your muscular endurance and power while discovering your inner wild side.


Stretch is a 30-minute flexibility-based workout. In this class you’ll complete varying stretches to expand your range of motion. These exercises also aid in recovery and building your body’s long-term movement abilities.


Parkour is a 45-minute workout, perfect for those who are new to the discipline. In this class you’ll learn to leap, dive, roll and swing over obstacles, while improving your grip and upper body strength. 

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