Our three fitness classes – Ninja Fit, Ninja Strong and Warrior Fit – are suitable for all fitness levels with each class having a different training focus. The end result remains the same: to help you move better while enjoying a different type of fitness.

Ninja Fit 

Focused on fitness, Ninja Fit combines fast-paced cardio and functional exercises for maximum calorie burn. It is a high intensity, circuit-based workout designed to help improve your fitness, movement and speed. This class will get you Ninja Fit in no time!

Ninja Strong

Focused on strength, Ninja Strong is a resistance-based workout. It uses body weight in athletic strength, power and conditioning exercises to help strengthen the body and build a strong Ninja.

Warrior Fit

Focused on agility and speed, Warrior Fit is a strength, speed and obstacle-based workout. It is designed to help build Ninja skills and prepare the body for Ninja Races. Take on our toughest challenge and get Warrior Fit!

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