Ninja Parc is all about Inspiring a World of Movement

At the Ninja Parc, we want to see people of all ages and abilities having fun together. With the rise in the popularity of obstacle events, we wanted to create a place you could have fun with no intimidation, no pressure to go outdoors, and the affordability to do this regularly.

Ninja Parc was concepted and developed by our founder, John Pirlo, who has spent more than 20 years in the health and fitness industry.

With the help of the strong partnerships John has built in that time, The Ninja Parc was developed with the notion of making movement entertaining as opposed to it being a chore and something that people have to do to stay healthy and active.

The Ninja Parc has been 6 years in the making. We have worked hard to ensure that people of all levels of ability and all ages could enter the course and enjoy the experience.

What’s @ Ninja Parc

At the Ninja Parc you can enter just for fun, to learn something, get some exercise, host a party or because you want to race seriously. It’s up to you. It’s safe, it’s fun and it’s addictive.

You have the option to enter and complete the whole course or just do parts of it. You can also time yourself on the course with the intention of beating your previous time each visit, or even to compete with a mate.


At the Ninja Parc you can walk, run, jump, hang, swing and fall with minimal risk because we have soft-fall padding everywhere. Even though we are about fun, we do take your safety seriously. You will be inducted on how to use the course so you know how to move through each obstacle properly.

We recommend you do an Elemental session on your first visit. This will enable you to learn all the trick and techniques you need to get through the course safely and effectively. This is included in your first visit price, so just ask us and we can book you in for your introduction.

Our course has a specific safety check done daily, weekly, monthly and annually to ensure all the equipment is up to standard.