NinjaYOUTH Training sessions are either on the equipment and learning the course techniques (Elementals) or using many bodyweight functional training techniques to move better in everyday life as a Ninja (Fundamentals).

NinjaYOUTH is a more involved than ‘Little Ninja’s’ The participants get to use the course and learn specific techniques and strengths.

All sessions are run with a Qualified Ninja Master so you will get the best advice and best experience.

You will get stronger, faster, and more athletic.

Each session will focus on a specific part of the course and movement techniques to help you bend, twist and navigate the obstacles better.

NinjaYOUTH is about being a better mover.

Youth 10yrs+ (45min sessions) + 1 hr of Ninja Parc access
Single Session – $15 incl. Entry

Weekly Option: $15.95 unlimited classes and Ninja Parc access.